Heavy Duty F Clamp

Product Code : 3602


• Ideal for gluing, hold down work, and general purpose clamping

• Durable powder coated cast iron fixed & sliding jaws

• Lighter duty clamp for delicate projects

• Protective cap prevents damage to material

• Extra wide Tri-color TPR handle for better handling

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Product Description

Part NoDescriptionUpc CodeInnerMaster Qty
3602-6015060 x 150mm767615194844648
3602-6030060 x 300mm767615194851648
3602-6045060 x 450mm767615194868648
3602-6060060 x 600mm767615194875636
3602-8030080 x 300mm767615194882648
3602-8045080 x 450mm767615194899648
3602-8060080 x 600mm767615194905636
3602-120450120 x 450mm767615194912648
3602-120600120 x 600mm767615194929624